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The albums cover several main areas


Covers several trips to Brazilian Pantanal - primiarily the North part along the Transpantaneira road between Pocone and Porto Jofre (south of Cuiaba - the capital of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. This area is spectacular for seeing wildlife during the dry season (June - October). Caymans (jacare) are eveywhere, and in general they are not aggresive. You can see capivaras and the giant river otter (ariranha), as well as several species of monkeys, . tapir (anta), jaguar (onca pintada), coati, paca, water buffalo, etc. Many different species of colorful birds - parrots (papagaio), at least three species of ara (arara), toco toucan (tucano), jabiru (tuiuiu, the symbol of Pantanal), cormorants, etc. There are sucuri (anacondas), but apparently they do not get as big as in the Amazon. Another spectacular place is Buraco dos Araras (the Ara hole), near Bonito. Please enter here.


Amazonia is huge; here are photos from three areas: the region near Maues (Parauari, Urupadi and Amana rivers and the villages of Satere-Maue indians); Sao Gabriel de Cachoeira on Rio Negro (Morro do Seis Lagos); and near Presidente Figuereido, 100 km north of Manaus. Here it is more difficult to see and photograph wildlife. Please enter here.

Andes (Argentina - Chile) and the Atacama desert

Photos from two trips from Sao Paulo via Iguacu falls and the north of Argentina to the Andes and the Atacama. The Andes are incredibly, unbelievably beautiful. Some places - like Sao Pedro de Atacama and the El Tatio geyser field - are easily accessible. Others - like Antofagasta de la Serra and Lascar volcano are more difficult to reach. The Atacama desert is also spectacular, but in a different way. Apparently it is the closest natural approximation of Mars that exist on earth. Wildlife that is easy to see - vicunhas, guanacos and alpacas, foxes, viscachas, flamingoes, lizzards, etc.

Misc photos from different places

Photos from Bulgaria (Rila and Rhodopes mountains), Chapada Diamantina (Brazil), etc.